October 31, 2021

Some Snippets From My Film Student’s Papers

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I love and respect my students. I present to you some of their missteps with the greatest affection.

Apocalypse Now film was released in 1979 by Ford Coppola and Aguirre, The Warth of God was released in 1972 by director Werner Herzog. Both films were influenced by one another“ (In order to grade this I think I’m going to need to brush up on my quantum mechanics)


“We should always look for hard evidence before destroying the lives of the innocent.” (OK, but then what do we do with the guilty?)

“Some people have to overcome obstacles just to get out of the quote on quote ghetto.” (I put this sentence into Grammarly just to see what would happen. This is what it came up with, “It seems that quote-on-quote is missing a hyphen.” I suppose Grammarly is right.)

“To answer why the director made this documentary one would have to watch Hoop Dreams in its entirety.” (It feels like you are trying to tell me something.)


​“Although they are set during two different times, different sides of the world, between both movies, both of these films share many similarities along with various differences.” (This sentence is like some kind of brain-straining möbius strip.)

“We know that he does not want to die but he understands that death is the only way to survive his horror.” I believe it was Nietzsche who said “that which destroys you makes you stronger.”


“Many people today are based on two sexes and those two sexes are either female or male.” (Either someone’s been reading Derrida, or they are very confused, either way, the result is the same.)


​“They both present very strong women who know what they want and will get it at no cost.” (Now that is what I call driving a hard bargain.)

“Parasite is a hard movie to speak about. It defies any smooth pigeonhole, wriggles loose from slotting right into a unmarried genre, may be taken into consideration each a mainstream crowd-pleaser and an arthouse masterpiece and is, undeniably, a movie pleasant loved moving into blind, its scrumptious and stunning surprises preferably skilled as innocently and obviously as possible” (“Hand me that thesaurus and some of those ‘shrooms I have a paper due tomorrow”)


“When you are born the first thing that your parents look at, or the doctors looks at, are the gentiles which tells them where you belong in the society.” (I have questions. Do they just have a bunch of Christians on-call or do they have some kind of semite free lounge in the hospital? Do Jews have difficulty telling the difference between men and women? Is that why the men wear those hats?)


“They are both sending the same message by having male rappers not having the right to rap with sexually explicit lyrics, but female rappers to a different standard than their male counterparts hold the same blame.” (Have you ever dropped something and then caught it on its way down but then fumbled it and just as you are trying a third time to save it, it smashes into a million pieces?)

“The director managed to do this by implementing adult filmery, emotional scenes, and good camera and lighting control throughout the whole movie” (No, the paper was not about a porn movie.)


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