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April 12, 2022


Just drag the puzzle onto your desk top and print it.
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November 4, 2021

How To Be A Well Rounded Cinephile

I remember when my mother brought home this shiny new invention called a VCR. It was big and boxy and the cartridges that went in it […]
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November 1, 2021

Defining One End of The Spectrum: 5 of The Worst Films You Will Ever See.

Call it schadenfreude, call it masochism, call it crazy but, there is an enthusiastic horde of cinephiles out there who prefer the delights of failure to […]
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October 31, 2021

Some Snippets From My Film Student’s Papers

I love and respect my students. I present to you some of their missteps with the greatest affection.​“Apocalypse Now film was released in 1979 by Ford […]
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October 18, 2021

10 Great Films In Each Of 27 Genres

This is not meant as a “best of” list. The idea is to provide a list of film recommendations that is easy to use. The […]
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October 14, 2021

Around The World In 50 Films

Broaden your horizons on a whirlwind tour of films from 50 different countries. This is not a list of the most important films in the […]
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October 4, 2021

20 Great Movie Posters You’ve Never Seen Before

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September 29, 2021

20 Great Movie Posters You’ve Never Seen Before: Volume Three

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