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June 22, 2022

Intrepidos Punks: Blood, Boobs, Bikes And A Whole Lotta Hairspray

Est. Reading: 3 minutes

The theme song for Intrepidos Punks seems to be based on my life story. 

“On the highways, and the cities too

Robbing anyone, they always break the law

On their motorcycles, riding around with their girls. 

Looking for adventure, they worship Satan. 

Intrepidos Punks!

Sex and drugs violence, they’re always after action. 

Sex and drugs violence and lots of rock n roll.”

OK maybe “loosely based” on my life story. In lieu of a review this first verse of the song pretty much sums up the movie. The Satan worship is a bit of a surprise. Punks and Satan don’t usually go together, that’s more of a heavy metal thing, or what white, suburban, mothers from the 80s imagine was a heavy metal thing. Never the less we get to witness a balletic Satan worship ceremony at one of the punk’s hideouts in a cave somewhere. It’s lead by a punker priestess with a blue mullet and leather-studded bra. The director must have been disappointed with the actress’s performance because the scene is 95% reaction shots and 5% dance.

The plot of the film is a cyclical sort of thing. The punks commit a crime, the police chase them, some people get killed and then the punks celebrate. Then they commit a crime, the police chase them, some people get killed etc. Nothing else happens. Some people get shot, some people get stabbed, some get crushed under boulders but it’s all pretty much the same. 

The entertaining part of film is mostly the costumes. Lots of leather, studs, hair dye and cooky makeup. There is also quite a lot of silicon in the film either by way of implants or as a generously applied hair spray. The female lead has enough teased out hair to provide a lovely bed whilst making love, not to mention two very generous pillows.

The punks are essentially a motorcycle gang. Much of the movie is taken up by scenes of them shooting at police while speeding down the road in a motley mash up of mufflerless choppers, sidecars and three wheelers.

I do so enjoy when cars in films inexplicably explode and this film has several such scenes. There is one car chase where the police are in hot pursuit of some punks in a car. Even though the cops are coming up from behind they somehow manage to shoot out the front tire of the punks car, causing the punks car to swerve off a cliff. It flies into the air where it suddenly bursts into flames and explodes. Then it falls to Earth and smashes on the ground where it explodes a second time. 

Intrepidos Punks was made in Mexico by director Francisco Guerrero. All I could find concerning Mr. Guerrero was his filmography. He worked from 1989 to 2003 and mostly made shoot-‘em-ups. He made Intrepidos Punks in 1980 and it shows. The fashion is unmistakeable as illustrated below.

If you look up intrépidos in a Spanish to English dictionary it is translated as “strong, robust, sturdy, hardy, strapping, virtuoso, happy, fortunate, adventurous, or indomitable.” I’m thinking there might a better word. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t seem to think of it. 

Intrépidos or not the punks get busted in the end after an all out brawl. There is a little luchador action thrown in which is always nice to see and just a pinch of blood and gore. It has more action and style than your standard motorcycle gang movie from America. All in all it was quite entertaining. I’ll leave you with the second verse of the theme song which seems to imply something magical about their hairdos.

“They’ve got lots of hideouts where they can go party

They share their broads, their loot too

They always break the rules

They don’t know right from wrong

With their leather outfits, the color of night

And their punk hairdos causing murder and mayhem”

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