October 12, 2021

Enjoy a Hearty Helping of Baby Blood

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You know you’re in for something special when a film begins with the cooling of the earth’s crust. It takes a special kind of bravado to begin at the beginning. As we watch the stock footage of lava bubbling and oozing out of the ground we are treated to some dramatic narration delivered by the director himself who sounds like a cross between Kraftwerk and Golem. Here is the first sentence, “In the beginning the world was no more than a cooling star covered in hideous vegetation and foul gargoyles who fought each other for their sustenance under the star-spangled sky.”

Baby Blood is a French film written and directed by Alain Robak in 1990. The movie is equal parts trash and treasure, but they are not separate, they are smeared together in splashes, splatters and projectile, pulsing streams of blood and more blood. There are some really great cinematic moments smashed in amongst the sleaze and gore.

Our heroine is a woman of grand proportions. She struts and stumbles across the screen with big boobs, big frizzy hair, big round hips and big buck teeth with a big wide gap between them. Cover all that with a few buckets of blood and she is truly a vision.

Along with her many outsized attributes she also has a blood thirsty parasite living inside her and sending her psychic messages. He’s creepy in a way only French people know how to be. He is a combination of friend, father, lover, and life coach. He’s sentimental and needy, but he is also a bully who forces her to kill people so he can quench his thirst for the scarlet stuff.


​Its a simple premise and the film sticks to it. Our heroine stabs people, runs them over, strangles them an even blows one up by pumping him full of gas. The film is less scary than it is violent, but the violence is quite spectacular.

Baby Blood pours itself out as a horror movie but then there is a unique and truly bizarre scene where the camera wanders through our heroines innards. This is before the invention of CGI so they use a bizarre and bloody model made from rubber? Papeir-mache? Pasta and pipe-cleaners? All of the above? I don’t know, but its wonderfully grotesque. Its worth seeing the movie just for this one minute of film.

You get a lot of bang for your franc in this movie. Alain Robak was generous in ladling out a hefty serving of body horror and Emmanuelle Escourrou, the leading lady, deserves our praise and admiration for her courageous foray into the disgusting.


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